The Traumas of Being An International Student

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Once Upon A Time, there was a girl called Norah, she was 18 years old, and lived with her family in a big city in Australia called Canberra. She went to school at Canberra High School. She had a brother and a sister. She was among the most popular girls in her school. She had five friends named Ivory, Jenna, Rebecca (Becca), Noelle and Mariam who she always sat with, chatted with and did homework with. Her story starts just as another day begins.

Ring ring, ring ring

“Good morning sunshine”, she said with a peaceful tone. Then she went to her bathroom, brushed her teeth, took a shower and put on her school uniform and headed to school. She met Ivory and Rebecca near the entrance and Jenna, Noelle and Mariam were already near their lockers to take out their books.

“Which lesson are we having Ivory?”, Jenna asked.
“I think maths and then science”, Ivory answered.
“Nope we have the assembly and then geography, guys wake up it is Thursday”, Norah said with a playful voice.
“Oh you are right, let’s go”, Ivory said.

They corrected their uniforms and their ties and went to assembly, then continued with their lessons throughout the day. At the end of the day, Norah and Noelle went home together to keep each other company.

When Norah reached her house, she went to her room to study since she had tests coming up. In the evening, towards the night, whilst Norah was in her room, her aunty whose name was Jess came to her house because she had news that she wanted to tell everybody. Aunt Jess asked her brother (Norah’s Dad) if he could gather everyone together. Norah’s dad called her and her brother and her sister, and of course Norah’s Mom to the living room.

“So I have some exciting news to tell you guys, I have been appointed the Personal Secretary for the Australian Ambassador in Italy”, Jess said with a happy expression on her face.

“And I want you to come with me since you are the oldest,” Jess said looking at Norah. Norah was overwhelmed, happy and scared all at the same time.

“When are we going? And is it just you and me going?”, Norah asked. “We’re going on Saturday and we are going with my daughter Kayla.” “Oh, that’s 4 days from now,” Norah said even more overwhelmed. “Yes but don’t worry it’ll be alright,” Her aunt said calmly.

The night flew by fast just as the 4 days did. During the week, Norah had to explain to her friends about the news, and she got to know that some of her friends were moving to other schools. At least she did not have to do the exams in the school.

Saturday arrived. She packed her bags and was waiting for her aunt and her cousin Kayla to arrive at her house to go to the airport, so that they could travel to Italy. Norah said bye to her family and friends and left for the plane with her aunty and her cousin. They entered the plane and packed their hand luggage in the overhead compartment. When they were done, her aunt went to business class and Norah and her cousin Kayla stayed at the economy class.

Norah and her cousin started chatting about their life. Norah told her cousin that she was scared of planes and her cousin said: “me too.” Kayla told Norah that she had been on many planes, but she was still scared. Norah was surprised that Kayla was scared of planes.

Aunt Jess came to check on them, but they were sleeping, so she covered them with a blanket and said goodnight to them. They reached Istanbul (Turkey) because they weren’t on a direct flight. They stayed at Istanbul airport for 2 hours until they continued their flight to Italy.

They reached Rome, Italy some hours later and were picked up by the ambassador and some other people. They lived in a hotel for 1 month until they started school again. They started at the American Cultural School (ACS). On their first day of school they did tests to check which class they should go to. Kayla went to year 9 since she was 14, and Norah went to year 12 since she was 18. They went to their classes and everyone welcomed them nicely.

The next day, they went to school. Norah went to her class and Kayla also went to her class. Norah’s classmates were so annoying, especially the girls. The boys in her class were also annoying, but not anything like the girls. Some of the girls liked bullying very much, they bullied Norah because of her skin colour and hair and they didn’t want to work with her, but there were four girls and three boys in her class who did like working and talking to her. Their names are Emma, Olivia, Ava, Riley, Logan, Ian and William. Norah had a problem with her woodwork teacher because she couldn’t design even if she did her best.

Norah and Kayla went home and told Aunt Jess what happened at school. Her aunty went to the school and decided that she needed to get Norah and Kayla out from that school because the teachers are so annoying, and the school wasn’t very good; she wanted Kayla and Norah to study hard and have a good education. So, they went to Oxford High School.

On the first day at Oxford High School they were nervous but happy that they had left ACS. The secretary of the school welcomed them but she said that it was the first time the school had had dark skinned people so the students in the school would act a little differently towards them. As they continued their day in the school they separated and went to different parts of the school. Norah went to her first class and met her classmates. They were looking at her weirdly, but she thought that they were happy to see her. The class teacher asked one of her classmates Vivian to show her around the school, Vivian did as the teacher told her. Norah and Kayla went home after a long time at school.

Nora and Kayla continued to go to the school until Norah’s classmates started to bully her. The funny thing was that Norah’s classmates (boys) tried to act smart towards her but they didn’t know that she was smarter than them. They told her that if anybody in the school disturbed or troubled her, she should tell them, but they thought that she was a stupid girl who couldn’t fight for herself. The last day of school was very relieving, since she was tired from all of the drama in the school. She always wanted to leave school but she was there until they closed for summer holidays. She went home for the summer holidays in Australia because she missed her family and friends. She was enjoying her holidays with her family and friends.

After a few weeks of the summer holiday, her aunt Jess called her and told her that they were going to another school. Norah was surprised and happy to hear that. Her aunt always wanted Norah and Kayla to be happy.

Summer holidays was over so Norah and Kayla were preparing for their new school called Romano Global School (RGS). Kayla got sick before they started at the school so Norah had to go to school alone. She met the people in her class and they started talking. At breakfast she sat with some of her classmates and they made her smile by telling her funny jokes. After breakfast, they headed to the next class for their lesson until the class was over, and then also went to their 4th lesson until that was over, and they headed to lunch. Soon after that they went outside to have fun. Eventually after that they went to class, then they had snack and went home. Norah was so happy and said to herself.

“This is Brookes School. My school.”


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  1. The story sounds so real, I can imagine seeing the characters and everything you described. It makes me want to be kinder to new students. Thank you for writing this.


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