By Neneh

On the 23rdof November, Brookes Moscow hosted an Open-Day, which took up the whole day. The day started of with a music assembly, which was led by Ms. Shirley Smith. She and other staff had arranged musicians to come and perform at the assembly. The whole performance was really good, and full of different instruments. The children enjoyed it, and the whole assembly was full of life. After the assembly the school prepared a table full of food such as jelly sweets, sandwiches etc.

The doors of the entrance were open, and around the middle floor hall you could find tables set up. The Vice Principal Brice Bomo and The Head of Upper-School Mr John Downey were visible the whole day for the people who wanted to view the school, get information, or just socialize to get to know what Brookes Moscow stands for. My experience from the open-day was OK, I got to take pictures of different things and people, I got to enjoy lovely music played by professionals even though I would have liked more activities, and for it to be more exciting. However, I did have lessons so I didn’t attend every single thing that was on offer. In a whole the day was good, but it wasn’t as much of an open-day as I would like it to be. I give this event three stars!

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