Music Assembly 23.1.19

By Arianna

In the music assembly on the 23rd of November, teachers played a variety of musical instruments: Ms. Smith played the flute, Ms. Sorova was on piano and Mr Thomas played a mean trumpet, in brilliant live performances.

There were also three special guests and their names were: Mr Valentine, Mr Kiril and Mr Anton, who also entertained us with their music. Mr Kiril played the drums, Mr Valentine played on a bass guitar and Mr Anton played on an instrument he made himself!

They first of all showed us a music video about why music is good for you and what happens to your brain when you play an instrument or listen to any kind of music. Next, they played a song which was quite joyful/playful/fast (allegro). Mr Valentine explained to us how a guitar works and why he likes it. Then then he told us a little story that he made up for us about music, and finally he performed together with Mr Kiril: ‘Believer’ by Imagine Dragons. Next, the teachers and the special guests explained to us what music means to them.

Then, Mr Anton showed us the instrument that he created himself and told us how he built it. He showed us how it sounds and played a song for us called ‘Everybody Dance Now’. Finally, the teachers and special guests all played for us a song called ‘Train Blues’.

That was a cool assembly!

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