Chinese Assembly

By: Arianna and Neneh


This special assembly started off with the year 10’s showing the whole school what Chinese New Year is all about. They explained to us how the Chinese celebrate their New Year, and how it all started.

Julia from year 10 made a bilingual presentation in English and Mandarin. Some of the traditions that were explained included the delicacies of Chinese traditional food, the art of Chinese paper decorations and explanations of what different cut-out symbols mean. For example, a fish cut-out means good luck. Another tradition, we learned, is that the Chinese people believe that cleaning their house will bring good luck. Another tradition relates to a legend about a monster who is scared of loud noises and the colour red. So, in order to scare him off for the year, Chinese let off loud fireworks near a lake/pond with lots of decorations coloured red.

Then the reception children made a dragon dance with some of the year 10’s and the teachers like Ms Sorova and Mr Thomas. Then Mr Thomas and Ms Sorova played instruments – a Chinese song, the instrument that Ms Sorova played was the Grand Piano with Mr Thomas on trumpet.


Some of the staff had decorated the hallways, the performance hall, the cafeteria etc. During the course of the day you could traditional music playing in the background and even for lunch, Chinese food was served such as: spring rolls, rice noodles etc. The whole day had a lot of spirit, and much to offer. There was a decent amount of  decorations, not much activity but great performances. However the only ones who got to experience the excitement were the people who spoke at the assembly or performed a song/dance. The crowd wasn’t involved in any activity. A big step up from the Open-Day but not enough involvement! Looking forward to the next event and I hope that there are activities and interdisciplinary classes. This event gets 4 out of 5 starts!

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