Interview with Julia, Brooke’s newly appointed Head Girl.

Interview by Maria

Maria: About a month has passed since you were appointed the Head Girl of Brookes Moscow, so today I would like to ask you a few questions for The Gryphon, if you don’t mind. Have your classmates and teachers changed their attitude towards you?

Julia: Not really, sometimes they joke about my position and that’s funny, but nothing else has really changed.

Maria: What did you feel on the day when you found out that you will be taking on this position?

Julia: I was surprised, also proud and happy, and I really looked forward to telling my parents.

Maria: Is this position changing you into a more responsible and serious person?

Julia: Not really because I think I already was responsible and serious enough before and maybe this is one of the reasons why I became the Head Girl.

Maria: Was it hard to decide to write the application to become Head Girl?

Julia: No, it was a great opportunity, so it wasn’t hard. And this is kind of my old dream, I always wanted to take on this kind of position.

Maria: Why did you want to become Head Girl? What was your goal?

Julia: I was always interested in leadership, and I am happy to help others and be a role model.

Maria: Have you got any guesses about why the teachers chose you to be the Head Girl?

Julia: Not really. Maybe because of my positive attitude and my happy mood? (laugh)

Maria: Of course, a month is not a very long period but what do you think, have you done something important as a Head Girl for the school or it is work in process?

Julia: Yes I have. I recently just finished a project report, and I hope that it soon will be viewed in the school.

Maria: Ok, thank you, Julia.

One comment

  1. They are such excellent words. With them I now feel encouraged because I am also contesting to be a headboy in my school,St.George

    Thanks go to whoever wrote such beautiful letters


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