By Neneh

On the 6th of March 2019, Brookes Moscow marked its official 100th Day of operation. The day started off with a special cycling project. Training bicycles were placed around the reception area so that everyone had access to them.

Students and staff cycled 100 kilometres to mark this day in a significant way. Participants rode 1km each. Teachers such as Mr Matthew Mitchell and Ms Camille LeProu also took part, and students from both lower and upper school got on the bikes and cycled their kilometres. The more kilometres they cycled, the more points they earned for their houses. Some students in Year 7 held the record for the most kilometres cycled. This day was also paired with Maslenitsa.

During the day teachers gave pieces of paper to students for them to write, in one word, what Brookes means for them: rollercoaster, happy, exciting etc. These pieces of paper were then stuck up against the seating rows in atrium. The day finished off with everyone in the school gathering in the P.E hall to form a huge 100. A drone soared above them and took pictures of the pupils and staff, symbolising the special day. Mr King joined in towards the end to take his position in the giant 100 sign. The day was mostly pushed to the side because of Maslenitsa and perhaps it wasn’t celebrated as much as it could have been. HOWEVER this was definitely one of the best events so far.

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