The history of the Gryphon Blog (not as boring as it sounds)

By Maria

This story began 5 months ago, when I and 5 more other students joined the Radio and Journalism club. We were really excited to learn something about journalism, how to write articles and stories. Some people left during this process and missed the most interesting part, but some people stayed here and then the great idea came to our journalism teacher Mr. Harrison, to create a blog about Brookes student’s.

We were all excited to make the blog real, so we wrote some articles and poetry for it (articles/poetry by Aisha, Julija, Siwoo and me). 

The next step was  to name the blog, we discussed this a lot, because the name of the blog had to be something simple; easy to remember, and special at the same time, something that would connect students and teachers. One of the versions was to name it as ‘Brookes bananas’ (by Julia), but at the end we’ve decided to name it as ‘The Gryphon’. Then we presented ‘The Gryphon’ successfully at school assembly.

After the winter holidays our club underwent some changes as many of our members left it, but some new students joined us and they have already done a lot of work. Arianna and me have conducted interviews (by Arianna & me) and other members (by Neneh, Arianna) have covered many fun events.

Thank you very much Mr.Harrison for helping us with the blog and thank’s to all members of the journalists club, you are amazing!

Now, go and check for some new articles, if you haven’t already!

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