Beyond The Lake

By Neneh

Viola hid, as quietly as she could, in a shallow hole covered by mystical shadows, so that the shapeshifter couldn’t hear her in case he was near. She was very stressed and was breathing rapidly. Since she was aware of the sound her breath was making, she tried to calm herself down by thinking about snow. It was a strange thing to think about while having a sinister person with psychic power running after you. But snow was a big part of her life, it was pain but relief, happiness yet sadness because of the important role it played in her life in her past.

She was born in Corine Street 2081, in a snowstorm, and that snowstorm was a result of the loss of her mother. Yuniper was her name, and it meant control in the psychic script ‘Oricle’. Viola didn’t know much about the Oricle or about her mother for that matter, but she knew that snow touched a soft part of her heart, and it lit a fire in her soul. As she continued thinking, she got a flash and saw a book with the faint letters ‘r i al’. She quickly put her hand in the back pocket of her jeans, and felt a small block made out of a thin material. She took it out of her pocket and stared with surprised and squinting eyes. It was a book with the letters ‘r i le’, could it be the Oricle?

She put the pieces of this puzzle together; she had woken up in the forest of Cafflesbound and was running from a shapeshifter who was after her for whatever reason. And she had the sacred Oricle! Something extremely notable about the Oricle is that it is the sacred script that belongs to a psychic group consisting of people who can see the future and past, and people who have telekinesis power, excluding shapeshifters. The shapeshifters have used the Oricle’s spells and knowledge for evil and has made the worst monsters of the Magical Realm. But of course the good side won against them, wizards, giants, elves and psychics have fought against them and regained justice without the help of humans.

After moments of waiting for a safe signal, Viola makes the crucial decision to step out of the hole and she is ready to fight. She goes out to find that the shapeshifter has been long gone. She scans the area around her to make sure before she opens the Oricle. As she opens the book, she searches for the portal to the Magic Realm, since she knows that she needs to return it to the Qurnice, the head of the Magic Realm. Soon after carelessly running through the book the finds a picture of a lake near a big boulder. She knew it, it was the lake in the forest of Cafflesbound!

She ran as fast as she could and when she saw the lake she jumped in zealously. She was surrounded by fairy dust and then swum out of the water. She looked around and she saw trees as far as the eye could see. She was hugely disappointed and realised that it must’ve been somewhere else, it didn’t say that it was in Cafflesbound so her assumptions were wrong. Something had changed however, it was very cold, and fog was almost surrounding everything, her long brown hair also had a few glitter spots which were never there before. She walked on a path that was very crooked. But then a fly-like thing circled her a few times before it landed on her nose. She giggled with happiness and gave out a glee. It was a fairy. Its wings were white with glitter and stars. She asked it if it could take her to the Qurnice and it nodded its head and flew with a lanky flight and then flew away. Viola was really confused but just ran on the path until she stumbled across a big place unlike any other palace she had seen before, and a lot of palaces had been built by the year of 2096. Her eyes were taken by the glory of the palace until she saw 3 giant guards that glared at her. She went confidently towards them and explained everything about her journey and ended up saying that she needed to give the Oricle to the Qurnice. They laughed at her and continued glaring. She had no other choice but to push them aside with her telekinesis and then opened the small door next to the large one. She was met by a tall wizard sitting on a throne. She proceeded to tell him about the Oricle and his jaw dropped, She turned her face when she saw the Shapeshifter with the 3 guards, which had collapsed behind her. He gave a sly grin and said: “I have come back for the book that belongs to me”.

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