Smimming Gala!

By: Arianna

On Thursday the 16th of May, at Brookes Moscow we had our first swimming gala! It was a lot of fun but very hard work because we were competing with each other. In the morning the Lower School held their gala, and after lunch the upper school followed with their own gala.

So how were the races organised? First was the 7- and 8-year boys’ butterfly stroke race, followed by the 7- and 8-year girls butterfly stroke race, then the 9- and 10-year butterfly stroke, year 7 and 8 backstroke, 9- and 10-year backstroke, followed by the 7- and 8-, 9- and 10-year breaststroke. Finally, 7- and 8-year and 9- and 10-year students raced freestyle.

In all of these races we swam by house, so each house was competing against other houses. We had to swim 50 meters for each swimming style; that is two lengths because the pool is 25 meters long. But that wasn’t it! We then had the year 7 and 8 relay race where the boys and girls swam together. There were 4 swimmers from each house, and each one had to swim a different stroke so first one person swam backstroke (only 25 meters) then when he/she touched the wall on the other end of the pool the next person swimming breaststroke took over and so on, and changed stroke. It was the same for year 9 and 10 boys and girls. The teachers picked the fastest swimmers from each house to do the same, and they raced against the teachers.

That was some swimming gala!

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