Book Review: ‘Wonder’

By: Arianna

Title of book: Wonder

Published by: R.J Palacio

Date published: 2012

Genre: realistic fiction/ Children’s literature

Summary of the plot: The book is about a boy who has Treacher Collins Syndrome (TCS); which means he looks very different from the way other children look. This book is based on a true-life story that the author has witnessed, but the names have been altered and the story line changed slightly out of respect for the privacy of those people the author is writing about.

The story starts by describing who a boy, who is called August and has TCS, is starting 5th grade and is terrified of what people might say to him because of how he looks and other differences that he has. This is his first time at school since he has always been home-schooled. All his life his mum gave him lessons at home, not because his parents did not want to send him to school and because of how he looked, but because he spent most of his time in hospital recovering from surgery. In all he had 27 operations, including 4 major ones before he was even 5 years old.

Good parts and bad parts: For me, in this story there were no parts that I disliked. In general, I liked it all!

Recommend or not: I would definitely recommend this book. In my opinion, this book is suitable for children between 7 to 14. Also, I would recommend it because Treacher Collins Syndrome is something you can encounter in your life and the book tells you a lot of facts that you should know.

Rating: 10/10

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